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March 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

This summer on August 2nd and 3rd I am again riding the Pan Mass Challenge to do my part in finding a cure for cancer. Once again I invite you to partner with me and help me to raise $4300 toward research in this endeavor. Each year in writing to ask for your support in this cause, I try to include a story from the previous year’s ride that highlights the passion and purpose of PMC. Every year I finish the ride with sadness after hearing of how this plague like disease continues to devastate our society. However, I also finish with hope and a reinforced reality that the PMC is making a difference in reaching the goal of saving lives. My ride of 2013 provided a particularly personal and hopeful example of this. It is this situation I would like to share with you because you are my virtual partners on my past and future rides, in finding a cure for cancer.


I am privileged to be a part of a team of riders that is called Team Dassault. As we train for the ride each year we are paired up with a person who is presently fighting a diagnosis of cancer. This person is usually undergoing treatment during this time. This is a wonderful program. The inspiration we receive, as we ride with a particular Pedal Partner in mind, in the midst of a courageous battle, is matched by hope and encouragement returned to them as they have their own team of riders cheering them on . It is the best of a win-win situation I have known. Last year we were matched with a beautiful 7 year old girl named Christy. Christy had been battling Leukemia for several years. Before the ride last August, on one of the hottest days of the summer, our team rode to her home. We had a great time of visiting and the mutual encouragement was very special to all of us. As we pedaled home after our visit on that hot July day, I remember whispering a prayer that Christy and her family would know the joy of a cure as she continued treatment and as we continued to ride for her with that hope.

About 5 months after last summer’s ride, we received the GREAT news! Christy has completed her treatment with no return of the disease! Eight years ago when I lost my 7 year old daughter Erika to cancer, I decided to ride the PMC to "help other families from experiencing the same painful loss to cancer that our family had endured." After hearing of Christy’s triumph, I realized my effort as I ride the PMC, with your support, is helping my hope to become a reality. Though this adorable wispy lover of pink and sparkles complete with bony knees and beautiful bald head reminded me much of my Erika, there was a huge difference in their situations. Erika’s battle was lost and Christy is looking at triumph. So to all of you who have been part of the cure for Christy and for so many others, who names you don’t know, I thank you. We are making progress and Christy’s situation is tangible reason to keep up the fight. Our dream to cure this dread disease is happening and the PMC is a big part of this reality, mile by mile and dollar by dollar. To donate: ONLINE go to, find my rider profile; donate in my name. BY CHECK: make out to PMC; note me as rider and send to 6 Bates Lane Westford, Ma. 01886. I thank you in advance for your faithful partnership in this lifesaving crusade.

Sincerely with Hope for a Cure,

Donna Eve Gould

Fall of 2012



Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for supporting my PMC ride in August. It was a wonderful day of riding to help find a cure for the devastation that cancer has been and is continuing to play in many of our lives.  You have, in supporting my ride, made a difference in the lives of those already afflicted as well as those who are yet to be diagnosed with cancer.  Remember that the PMC uses 100% of every hard earned dollar of your donation for research toward finding a cure.  Whether it happens to one in your immediate family or one at more of a distance to you, it is imperative that we stop this enemy from affecting the life of one you love.  I am proud and grateful to be a part of an organization that contributes so much to the wellbeing of our society.  Today Billy Starr notified us that 37 million dollars was donated to Dana Farber and to the Jimmy Fund from donations to riders of PMC2012.  Your donation was a part of that total!!!

This year was a special year for me as I had the awesome opportunity to ride with my 16 year old daughter Anna.  She turned 16 on August 4, one day prior to Saturday’s ride.  She felt strongly that riding for a cure was a very appropriate way to celebrate a new year of life.  You see, Anna knows what it means to be affected by this deadly disease as seven years ago she lost her sister Erika to cancer at the age of 7.  Anna was 9 years old at the time of her sister’s death.  Though she continues to heal and to use her experience to help others, it is undeniable that cancer stole much from Anna’s life as well as from all those who loved Erika.

As I reflect back on the ride with Anna I am grateful she has made the decision, through the loss of her sister,  to  become a warrior fighting against cancer.  It was obvious to me that her ride was fueled by memories of Erika.  It also became clear to me that in addition to the funds she raised for research towards a cure, the PMC provided something else for her that is at times just as difficult as finding a cure.  By riding the PMC, Anna found a tangible way of battling the enemy who stole her precious sister.  With each mile, the possibility of somebody else experiencing the same thing that she did in losing her sister, was lessened.  Like me and so many more, we ride to conquer and we ride to heal, those afflicted by cancer and ourselves who have lost.  As I watched my beautiful healthy and strong 16 year old speed past me, I felt more grateful than ever for the existence of the PMC.  Thank you for partnering with me in  an effort that helps so many. By donating you too have joined this valiant crusade. 

Please stay tuned as Anna and I plan on riding PMC 2013.  Registration opens in January and I would welcome your support.  In advance I thank you for not giving up on this cause.  Together we are making a difference!


To Donate:

Online:  Go to and find my rider profile, make a donation in my name.  
By Check: Make it out to PMC and note my name as rider and send to 48 Flagg Road, Westford, MA 01886              

Sincerely with hope for a cure,
Donna Eve Gould
Donna E. Gould





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