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Why I Ride ...

Dear Friends and Family,
This is my first PMC ride. 

I am riding to honor all those in my life who have survived and not survived cancer including Sylvia, Bernie, Grandpa, Aunt Evy, Uncle Charles. Grandma Minnie, Jerry Larkin, Sam, Dan, Carol, Minnie Sosnoff, Dave Godin, Debbie Sher, Rose Wine, Max Wine. 

I am also riding in gratitude for the treatment that my wife Lori received at DFCI this winter when she beat the odds with a lot of good wishes, prayers, and luck.

I am planning to carry a list of names of those who have been touched by cancer for those who are not riding:
Clyde Tong, Paula d'Entremont, Louis Angelovich, Margeret Latino, Gloria Latino, John Latino, Marie Poole, Jane Tighe, Sallie Knorr, Allan Connolly, Joan Connolly, Robert Mooers, Megan Legare, Isabelle Yolda, Terry Sandsbury, Freeman Davis, Nadine Iglowski, Carleen Dahrooge, David Geotis, Thelma Carpenter, Marguerite Smith, Betteann & Marcel Paquette, Mary Ann Wilson, Bernard J. Leblanc, Jeanne E. Lemay, Jeanne Leblanc, George Porn, Mary B. Ritacco, Madeline Evarts, Holly Gray, Joan Nichols, M. M. Charles R. Sanguinet, Sandra Theriault, Gisele Williams, Laurie Williams, Gerald Williams, Maurice Cormier, Odette Saulnier, Fran Patnaude, Robert Patnaude, Norman Dupuis, Franny Robichaud, Sherri Whitcomb, Carole Adams, Brian Quinn, Brenda Bourque, Mike Bourque, Joyce Betz, David Fortune, Mildrid Betz, Pracila Fortune, mary Jane Conlin,  Leo Nichols, A. Olson, Lorraine Carter-Long, Merle Foster, Sheila Bailey, Dr. Susan Pierson, Kim A.,  Kathy F., Muriel T., Phil G., Cathy Donaldson, Ani, Michelle, Ted Kennedy, Elizabeth Edwards, Lou Sacks, Sonia Fernandez, Jo Patrick, Carol Dross, nancy Riley, Mirecait Binienda, Laurie Ross, Franny Slowaski, Sheila White, Karen Krock, Luisa Pelyyera, Marilyn Reyes, Diane Briggs, Debra Sacks, Charito Jodoin, Ernest Jodoin, Elizabeth Patrick, James Collin, Rachel Levine.

Please feel free to e-mail me any additional names you would like me to add.

Thanks for your support,


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