Jim Clement's Ride

So. What is Jim up to?

This year, I decided to get off my butt and combine doing things I love (biking and camping) with meeting new people and some kind of do-gooder activity. In order to stop me from talking myself out of it, I registered for the Massachusetts Pan-Mass Challenge -- a very well known cancer research fundraiser in the Bay State. In typical Jim-fashion, I have been registered for several months now, and today (July 4th), with temps in the 90's and the ride 30 days away, I have decided it is time to start my fundraising. Right on schedule... --er, almost.

How are we doing? As of 11AM Aug 1, We made it!

2013-08-14 Totals

We have done a great thing. Thank you all for all the support! Now, I just need to get this little ride out of the way. :-)

Just the facts please...

Who is doing this? Lots of people --about 6,000 riders and 3000 volunteers. I'm one of them. Single father of two, avid rider, friend and relative to many current and former cancer sufferers.

What we do, is pay to enter this ride, and pledge to raise at least $4300 per rider. The PMC is unique, in that every cent donated by you and I goes to Dana Farber. They're not some fly-by-night organization where you end up donating more to the fund raising organization than to the cause itself. All costs associated with the ride are paid for by the riders and companies doing donations.

The Ride I am doing is when the weather in New England is at it's best: Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th.

Where do I ride? I will be riding the two day Wellesley to Provincetown ride. I sleep in a tent in Bourne the first night. It's about 80 miles each day.

Why would anyone ride this? I think it's a great way to raise money for cancer research, and for me to feel like I'm doing something for others.

Why would anyone donate to this? Think of it as a tax-deductible life insurance premium for the human race.

How can you help? Glad you asked.
  • You can sponsor my ride using a check or credit card by going to http://www2.pmc.org/egifts/JC0607.
  • Alternatively, since my employer matches donations 100%, you could double your donation by writing a check directly to me, and I will make a deposit through my employer's matching gifts program.

    Click on the picture below to read an article in our local paper, the Bedford Minuteman:
    2013-06-27 Minuteman PMC Article

    Thank you All!

    Almost there! One more day. :-)

    All Done!! Click on this picture to see some pictures from the ride:

    My Online Supporters

    I have chosen to keep all of my donors' information confidential; therefore it is not displayed on my PMC public donor list.
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