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PMC 2015

Henry is TEN!

We could tell you what the last ten years have been like. How this sweet, brown eyed baby came into our lives one-month early with a cancer diagnosis. How he started chemotherapy at 27-hours old. How Henry had surgery, blood transfusions, and infections all before he was one-month old. How one very scary day, he went into shock and nearly died, and when he finally opened his eyes and smiled, he sent an ER room full of doctors into tears.

We could tell you that when he first started to walk at 2-years old, he had to lean on a medical walker that he banged into walls and furniture. How he hobbled around on two leg braces, totally unaware of the obstacles in front of him, just determined to be like the kids around him.

And of course we could tell you how immensely proud we are to have watched him, demanding that we take the training wheels off his bike at 5. Learning to snowboard, play tennis and sail. How he recently hiked 2-miles uphill to a cabin for a camping weekend. How he’s done so many incredibly inspiring things that his doctors were never sure he’d be able to do. But he did them. And he does, every day.

Henry is now ten. And he is understanding more each day what it means to have had cancer, to never be free of doctors appointments, to have had a cancer that caused significant spinal cord damage in his body. Henry is reminded every single day of his Neuroblastoma diagnosis, from the pills he takes, to the catheters he does, to the brace he straps on his paralyzed leg.

But this boy is also so full of joy and determination and love. And this year, Henry wanted to say a few words:

Hi my name is Henry,

I am a CRAZY 10 year old boy. All day I play baseball, hockey, football and lacrosse with my friends. Every day that I go into Children’s Hospital or The Jimmy Fund Clinic, all of the nurses ALWAYS start to say, “I remember when you were this big!” and then give me a hug. It’s so boring sitting through hours of doctors appointments. But sometimes if I get lucky I get a nice big oreo milkshake.

The Pan Mass Challenge means a lot to me, cheering on my friends and family. We ride for not only me but also many other kids struggling with this sickness. But not only kids, we also ride for my aunt Jenny, and many other human beings battling cancer.



On August 1st and 2nd, our team Equipe Henry will ride 192 miles, from Sturbridge to Provincetown, MA in the Pan Mass Challenge. We will join 5,500 other cyclists all with one goal in mind... to find new cures for cancer. We ride for Henry and kids like him. We ride in loving memory of Henry’s Uncle Nat. We ride in honor of our family and friends undergoing treatment. And we ride for all of you whose lives have been touched by cancer.

We ride so there’s hope for new patients who are diagnosed every day.

New drugs and treatments can only be discovered with your generous support. To date, our team has raised over $300,000. Last year, the PMC raised a total of $41 million. Every single dollar raised goes directly to cancer research and care. Every single dollar!

To support our ride, please click on the link below:

Or you can send a check made out to the Pan Mass Challenge and send it to:

Josh Fenollosa

12 Benjamin Road   

Arlington, MA 02476

We wouldn’t have made it these past ten years without your friendship, support and encouragement. No one can do this alone.

With love,

Josh, Cath, Henry, Leo & Ruby

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Jim Glass
Richard Seaberg
Jonathan Greene
Have fun and ride well! Captain and Beeses
Elizabeth French $100
Elizabeth Boege
Tim Lyons
Doug Clarner $200 hi henry- sorry to miss the ride. hope you are having a great summer. see you on the dock in annisquam this summer.... and on the ice up here this winter. love, doug
Rob Callahan $20
Madelon Kaplan
Larry Dick $200 May the wind always be at your back! Those of us who sit at our computers and donate money are humbled by you who are out there on the front lines fighting for a cancer cure. You are true heroes!
Linette French $75
Monika Freyman Hope the ride goes well! Oliver can't wait to see Henry in the Fall when we are coming back to Boston for a visit. He loves baseball too! Monika
Sarah Martin $1,000
Dawn Egan You go Henry!!!
Doug and Martha Johnson
Brent Iadarola $100
Doug Mayer Go, Equipe Henry, go! :) It was really great to read Henry's note, too-- thanks for sharing that. Have a great ride, and thanks for doing this!
Neil Johnson $200 Though I've never met Henry, he is like a second ten year old grandson to me. Have some ice cream at Emack's in Orleans for me!
Andrew Ziergiebel $50
Kerry Donahue Go, Josh! Go, amazing Henry! Happy big 1-0!
Sarah Kramer Jason Stallman
Susan and Don Ware
Adam Pachter $25 Way to go, Henry! Here's to fewer doctors' appointments and more Oreo milkshakes! Your neighbors, Adam, Debbie, Lucy + Maya Pachter
David Greene
Sue Rock Tully
Craig Gorton Ride hard Feno's!
Christina & Farid Ray
Dear Josh, Cath, Henry et al - Thank you all for this work you do to raise awareness and resources for the fight. Godspeed and may the wind be at your back. Love Read, Jill, Noah & Ben
Webster Wilson Go Fenny!!!! Go Henry!!!!!
Marcia Matthews $100 We are so proud of you!
Amy Iadarola $20 Sending love and happy birthday wishes to Henry!
Allie Dubzinski $20 Go Team Equipe Henry! Wishing you the best of luck!!
Penny Howland Go Josh Go.......lots of chocolate chip cookies will await you and the gang....hugs....Penny
Jennifer Jonsson Team Equipe Henry - you guys continue to amaze and inspire. May the wind be at your backs - we'll be thinking of all of you on Aug 1 & 2 and will be cheering you on from Sweden!! XO
George Beal $250

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