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PMC 2014

This past year has been the hardest since Henry's first year of life.  After a courageous and hard fought battle with brain cancer, my brother Nat died on February 23rd.

Uncle Knock Knock, as Henry affectionately nicknamed Nat, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma shortly after Henry's 6th birthday. As too many of you know, a cancer diagnosis hits you out of the blue and socks you in the stomach; in a split second life changes.  For Nat, a treatment plan came into focus and we stood by as he pulled out all the guns.  He never said no to an experimental protocol, a stomach-turning diet, trial meds and countless tests.  Nat was determined to fight his brain tumor with everything he had, and he also felt an obligation to others who would be diagnosed in years to come. 

Watching his uncles' illness also brought a new awareness to Henry that not everyone is so lucky to have their cancer treated successfully.  By necessity it became a chance to talk to Henry about his own chemotherapy treatments, infections and blood transfusions.  Henry and Nat had always shared a close bond and sadly cancer became a part of it.

While every cancer is different and every patient has their own personal experience, watching Nat's illness allowed Henry to express some of his own frustrations and worries. Would his cancer come back? Why was his leg paralyzed and Uncle Knock Knock's wasn't?  Sometimes we had answers and sometimes we didn't. But through it all, Nat shared his optimism and hope with Henry. Nat taught Henry never to stand down, even in the face of daunting obstacles. They shared an unspoken understanding that life is unfair. It can be difficult and painful. But the desire to love and laugh is stronger.  In sharing his fighting spirit with Henry, Nat gave him a gift he will draw upon for his entire life.

Henry's recently celebrated his 9th birthday. He is alive today because of groundbreaking medical discoveries financed in large part by PMC funds. The fact that Henry's cancer was diagnosed before he was even born, and that doctors at Dana Farber had a plan for his treatment before Catherine and I even laid eyes on our son is due in large part to the crucial funds raised by the PMC's unrestricted gifts to Dana Farber.  Last year alone the PMC gave $39 million to fund fund groundbreaking 'open source' research at Dana Farber, benefitting cancer patients around the world.  And thanks go to patients like Nat who through their own illness still want to help others.

I feel very lucky to have shared my life with Nat.  As this year's PMC approaches, I am riding with a renewed sense of fight and determination to make a difference.  In 2010, Nat and I formed our PMC team, Equipe Henry, together with David Greene.  Nat and I spent countless hours planning training rides, designing a team jersey, and egging each other on up the steepest hills and through the hottest days.  Nat bravely rode the PMC in between his chemo cycles, a team member forever, even when his body didn’t want to cooperate. The team was created to honor Henry's battle with cancer.  Little did we know it would also honor Nat.

On August 2 & 3rd, together with the other 14 riders on Equipe Henry, I will ride 200 miles in the Pan Mass Challenge from Sturbridge to Provincetown, MA.  Our team is full of family and friends, everyone riding for a different reason; honoring lost parents and siblings, celebrating survivors, supporting friends.  I will miss Nat dearly. 

Please join me by supporting my PMC ride.  Every single dollar raised goes to cancer research and treatment.  Henry is living proof of what your generous donations can do. 

Josh, Catherine, Henry, Leo and Ruby Fenollosa

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Jason Dyett $200
Cynthia H Madden
Rochelle Naft
Sarah & Walter Morrison
Kerry Donahue $75 Hey Josh - sorry I didn't get this in before the ride. Congrats on all you've accomplished! And, yay for Henry!!
Elizabeth and Todd Needham
Meredith Chamberlin
Clint Cavanaugh $25 Sorry to come to this party late, but the celebration of Henry continues!
Joan Gorton
Christopher Wells Great job guys. Keep it up!
Thomas Balf $50
Thomas Hovey
Emily Botein
Erin Fox
Hedi Paolillo $100 You are an inspiration!
Michael Ray
Sally Iadarola $100
Joseph Mechem
David and Tina Lehman
Elizabeth French Sending our love to the Fenollosa/Mechems!
Lucy Littlefield Sending you our best wishes for a successful ride. Congratulations on your efforts! Jackie & Paul
Larry Dick $150 I think it is fantastic that you are riding in the PMC and I know Nat is smiling down at you. Ride like the wind!
Mara Callahan $100
Allie Dubzinski $20 Thinking of you all and wishing you the best!
Miguel Herrera $50 Thinking of you all on this very special day. Hope you have wonderful weather and no flats! All the best from Canada; Oliver, Victoria, Monika and Miguel
April Hirschberg $50 Go Team Henry!! April, Ron, Ben and Abby Hirschberg
Susan Willis
Virginia Redpath Thinking of you both as you partake in this wonderful and amazing ride in honor and memory of two wonderful people. Much love.
Mark and Kathy Jones $500 Will be thinking of you guys today. Have an inspired ride.
Jennifer Goren
Alison and Jim Forbes Go, Josh, Go! Thanks for your efforts!
Nancy Brodsky
$100 Enjoy the ride. You organizing skills are amazing. We will be with the Equipe Henry in spirit and watching progress on Garmin. Captain Pirate and Banana Pie
Penny Howland $100
Webster Wilson Go Fenster!!!! Wish I could be there with you riding for Henry and Nat...Lots of love and may the wind be at your back, old friend! Web, M, L + V
Richard Leclair
George and Barbara Beal
Martha Hooper Thinking of you all. Ride on Josh!!
Rebecca Bence Hope you have a great ride! You are such an inspiration!
Christina Mamlouk
Mary Clare Claud Have an awesome ride! You, Cath, kids and your entire family are in our thoughts. Love always - MC and John
Don Metz A great ride for a great cause. Go Josh !
Jennifer & Sean Casey Josh...our thoughts will be with you as you ride for Nat and Henry. Ride Strong. Go Equipe Henri!! Love from Glen Rock.
Carrie Fitzsimmons $250
Brigitte Arif
Lyn & Bill Fenollosa Looking forward to seeing the team in Freetown on Saturday! Ride Proud, Brave and Strong.
Theo, Simona & John Chun Go Equipe Henry!!
Rosa Soler
Darby French Henry is a joy, Nat is dearly missed. Ride Proud, Brave, Strong
Andrea Lee-Greenberg $50 Go get 'em, Josh. I can't think of a better cause!!
Katrina Richardson $100
Halleh Akbarnia $100 Four amazing friends riding for this amazing cause. Happy to donate... Stu and I wish you the best ride ever!!
Eliza Colby Good luck and safe riding to Josh and Chapin and the whole Equip Henry team!! This is a great cause if there ever was one!! Love from the Colbys
Nicola Majchrzak
Jennifer Jonsson Sending lots of love and support to you all! XOXO
Anne Clark Go team Fenollosa! We're cheering you on from 11 Benjamin!
Benjamin Small Go get em Josh. Incredible cause. Henry - Messi is better than Ronaldo. Everyone knows that. Love you, buddy
Neil Boege
Sue Rock Tully
Lauren Norton Go Team Equipe Henry! Pedal hard and be safe. You are an inspiration and honor the fight against cancer. Nat and Henry are in our hearts.
Joy Ahearn My heart goes out to your family; thanks for sharing your story. May God bless you!
Paula O'shaughnessy
Margaret Wallis $150
Robert Wells $250 Lots of love and affection from NH friends of all the Fenollosa's . Such admiration for Henry and his successful fight of his cancer. His friendship with his uncle is very touching and very powerful.
Rebecca Markley
Lida Bernard $100
Kathryn Rooper
Josh-best wishes for a successful ride! Thank you for your continued dedication and help in the search for a cure for cancer. With love and best wishes from the Burdetts.
Adam Pachter $25 Very sorry to hear about Nat, but his and Henry's courage continues to inspire. Have a great ride!
Melanie MacFarlane $100
Joel Rubin Ride strong Josh! Sending good vibes from the West Coast. Joel (Catherine's j-school friend)
Sarah Kramer
Doug Berman Go Henry! From Doug and Sip
Tara Murphy Ride strong Josh -- know Nat will be at your side.
Neil Johnson
Marcia Matthews $100 Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you ride for Henry and in memory of Nat.
Barton Graf $100
Surrey and Rob elwell $100
Katie Kemple We'll be thinking of you on Aug 2 & 3rd!
Sip Siperstein Nat touched so many hearts...through this ride he continues to touch the hearts of people who never even knew him.
Susan Robohm $100 go josh go!
Christina and Farid Ray
Jill Kaufman
Jenifer Mcdougall Our best wishes for a most wonderful family - have a great ride!! xoxo Jenifer and Dan McDougall
Karen Fuhrman $150
Guido J Alvarez $100
Nathaniel Norton
Susan and Don Ware
Jim Glass
Jean Keamy Go josh! Best wishes jean an mike
Maryellen Walsh Josh, Thanks again to you and your friends for helping fix my flat tire last Saturday. You guys were great! Enjoy the summer and the PMC! Thanks - MaryEllen
Catherine Cagle

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