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Why I Ride ...


Why I Ride ...

Eleven and a half years ago  Emma, was diagnosed with a low grade brain tumor. She was not yet 2 years old and cute as a button.  I may be biased but she is still cute as a button (even with teen angst and brand new "bad hair days") and working her tail feathers off to be a normal 13 year old and not the cancer kid.

Her childhood has had more surgeries and doctors appointments and pokes than most. She has begun to grasp the ramifications of cancer and chemo and the arduous battle she has been waging. She is still somewhat oblivious to the monstrous stress cancer creates for those who love her, which is perhaps the  greatest gift.

This will be my 9th ride in the PMC. I am once again joined by the amazing members of Team Emma's Enchantment. Those wonderful people who are doing everything and anything they can to keep Emma going. All rider raised dollars will be directed to the Low Grade Astrocytoma Research Fund at Dana Farber in Boston. Although Emma receives most of her services at Dartmouth Hitchcock the pioneering research that has kept her movin and groovin and gracing the stage for the last 11 years is generated there. 

Low grade brain tumors like these are treated with a "management approach." The trick is to keep them under control and not let them (or the chemo) create other problems, until they exhaust themselves. This, for a parent, and anyone connected with these kiddos, is also exhausting. 

It's hard to watch a kiddo struggle with being smaller than everyone else and feel a bit "left behind". It's tough to wonder if she will ever catch up and feel like she truly fits in. Emma has such an amazing group of friends who embrace her for who she is and all of her crazy silliness. They recognize her drive to keep up and encourage her every single day of her life to be all that she can be. By supporting these researchers and their brilliant work on brain tumor management we too are helping Emma be the dramatic, smart, funny, teen she wants to be.

Over the last 11 years I have watched Tim and  Mandy  live life a little differently than they  had imagined it. They have had hundreds of people helping them  keep it together as they  soldier on.

So I will ride again this year. I will ride with hope in my heart that all these miles are making a difference. Not just to Emma but to her brother who gets left behind on treatment days. For Tim and Mandy  who just need to take a deep breath. I will ride with Tim, Mandy her  dad (himself a cancer survivor) and so many wonderful friends who make up Team Emma's Enchantment.  I ride because I it inspires me, it makes feel like I am making a difference.


I ride because my friend’s daughter has cancer and its one way I know I can do something to help.


100% of the monies raised by Team Emma's Enchantment will go to the low grade astrocytoma research fund at DFCI. Advances are being made towards management of this persistent  menace. Any support you can offer to my ride would be greatly appreciated. You can donate by clicking on the donate to my ride icon  and following prompts or by sending a check made payable to  PMC to;


Joseph Graham

30 Lancaster Lane

Bedford NH 03110


Or simply click on this link and make your donation directly online:



I thank you for your contribution and look forward to a great ride to Bourne Ma. August 1, 2015


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Anne Landau Bellaud $100 Way to go Joe!
Aubrielle Tesa Have a great ride!
Sharon Reed
Greg Kretschmar
Keri Degen
Carol Radic $50
Vicki Ward $50 Such a great cause! Good luck Joe.
Lisa Walker
Sheila Mccloskey
Robyn Pallis
John Kratzer $50 Good Luck Joe & Kevin!! The Kratzer Family!
Daniel Gallogly
Adele Baker $100 Good luck!
Suzanne Frisch $108 Joe - Thanks for riding again for Team Emma!! Have a great ride! - Jonathan & Suzy
Steven Morgan-Vandome Everyone's a winner on this Tour de Massachusetts. :-)
David & Nj Larrivee Good luck!
Edward Dalton $1,000 Best wishes and hope your ride is much smoother than your golf swing !Ned and Anne
John Xiggoros $100 Thanks for all you do for the kids...John and Patty Xiggoros
Bill Winn $250 Hi Joe- Best of Luck the Winns!!
Michael Graham $50 Everyone should reflect on the challenges they have faced and agree that a parents challenge to help their child as well as another's is the most important gift in life.
Dina Odak $100
Robert Martucci
Susan Strickler $100
Mary Johnston $40 You rock little brother!!! We love you . Mary & Billy
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