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This is my 19th year participating in the PMC, Rick's 31st year and Brian rode 12 miles on his 9th Kids PMC in June!  The PMC is more than a long distance bike ride; it’s a successful means of getting people involved in raising money for cancer research and treatment at the Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 

Many of us have had family & friends affected by cancer. This spring, I lost two friends my age to cancer, Heidi Kunkel and Susanne Englert Coyne.  Compassionate, talented, intelligent women with a zest for life. Beautiful in so many ways. I dedicate this year's ride to them

I Ride in Support of:

Greg D--Elise E--Suzy C--Alex L--Nan D--Trudy N--Barbara R--Dana C--Joey D--Stephen P--Rhoni--Deb--Matthew F

I Ride in Memory of:

Bill Kasper--Katharine Fitzmaurice--Bob Fitzmaurice

Heidi Kunkel--Jessica Graham--Beth Kavanagh--Glenn Kaplus

Susanne Englert Coyne--Cheryl Manning Cooney--Margaret Corie Darby

Shawn Langley--Jessica Doktor--Leslie Semonian--Beth Bennett--Sam Zoll

Jeannette Frontero--Rick Stevens--Lee Duffy-Stewart--Jeanne O'Connor--Nicki Walton

Jane Malone Waggett--Kim Hand--Don Fiore--Tess Hopper LaChance--Diane Shea

Susan Dauterive--Carol & Victor Bissonnette--Mary & Jeb Ewanouski

Jim Chalmers--Marie Capalbo--John Canney--Tim Sullivan--Marilyn Benson


Too many of us have had family or friends affected by some form of cancer, so please help in this fight by sponsoring me in the ride.  If you’d like me to ride in honor of someone, please let me know and I will add their name to my bike.

As always, thank you.




Last year, 100% of rider-raised revenue went directly to the Jimmy Fund.

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