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I will ride the Pan Mass Challenge again this year, as I have since 2011, to honor my late father-in-law, Frank Burstin. But this year, I need your help making up a $500 shortfall.  

Here's why:

To ride my bike 190 miles across Massachusetts in the PMC, I have to commit to raise a large amount to support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute -- this year it's $4,300.** When I asked for help in 2011 and 2012, I received a $500 donation each time from one of Helen's closest and dearest friends, a Boston physician named Kathy Bennett. 

On the eve of the first ride, Kathy emailed me: "If you meet a guy named Eric Winer," she wrote, "give him my best. He is my oncologist."

You see, Dana Farber was more than just a good cause to Kathy. It was her ally in a battle against metastatic breast cancer that she waged successfully for a half dozen years. But she also gave generously for another reason: She she knew that every penny she gave, just like all other rider-raised donations -- went directly to Dana Farber. And she knew that the money paid for, not just unsurpassed care, but the kind of groundbreaking research towards a cure that gives us all hope
Unfortunately, cancer is an enemy that doesn't quit. Kathy passed away this past December.  

And so Kathy can't help with a donation this year. But you can.

I'll certainly be grateful for your support, whatever the amount. But I'm hoping at least some of my friends will be inspired by Kathy's story, as I am, to go a little farther, dig a little deeper and help make up for the $500 donation Kathy didn't live to make this year. 

I hope I can count on your support again this year. 


**Thanks to the amazing response from friends and family like you, I met and surpassed the $4,300 threshold on July 23. I have reset my goal to $6,700, the level at which I'd qualify to be a PMC "Heavy Hitter."


Why I ride: Thirteen years ago, I asked Frank Burstin for his blessing before proposing to Helen on her favorite beach on Cape Cod. As a teenager, Frank survived Auschwitz and four years of concentration camp slave labor. In his sixties, he survived a quadruple bypass. In his early eighties, he was remarkably fit and healthy, but in just three short months in 2008, cancer took his life. It robbed us all of the proudest grand-Poppa you’ve ever seen (click the "photos" link on the left to see for yourself). 

In Frank’s memory, for the third year in a row, I will join more than 5,500 cyclists in riding the I will the 192 miles across Massachusetts and Cape Cod to help raise money for cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston. 

U.S. News and World Report ranked the DFCI as the fifth best cancer hospital in the nation. Funds raised by the PMC support the efforts of more than 3,000 faculty and staff members. Those donations have resulted in:
  • Increased survival rates of pediatric cancers.
  • Decreased incidence rates for colorectal cancers and lung & bronchus cancers.
  • More financial assistance to patients and their families in need.
  • Greater funding of investigator-led clinical trials.
To take part in this event, I need to raise a minimum of $4,300 (though I’m aiming for more), and I need your help to reach my goal.

“Live for today,” Poppa Frank wrote, “because yesterday will never return, and who knows what tomorrow will be.” Please take a few minutes, right now, to help make tomorrow a better day for all those battling cancer.

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Last year, 100% of rider-raised revenue went directly to the Jimmy Fund.

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