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Why I Ride ...

Three years ago, I rode my first PMC ride for a wonderful woman who had lost her battle with Cancer.  I didn’t know I had cancer at the time. Marcia Sacco was, and still is, the angel on my shoulder.   Today I am a cancer fighter in a different way.  I fight it by raising money to eradicate the disease.  Since my first ride 11 friends, family and employees have been diagnosed with some form of cancer.  Two have lost their battle.

Research has already created a blood test that diagnoses 80% of certain kinds of cancers.  It is in the FDA testing stage right now.  Gene research will make it so that therapies will not be shotgun blasts to the whole body but rather targeted specifically to the mutations of each disease.  That will allow for specific therapies to be administered that not only control, and potentially cure the disease, but will do no harm to other tissues.    Scientists believed that cancer can become a manageable disease, instead of a terminal one, within 20 years.

Yes, I ride for Marcia and all my friends.  But I am also riding for my son Bryce and my daughter Kendra.  The hope for a better future for them inspires and spurs me on as I begin my quest to fight cancer again this year.   Imagine a world where cancer was not a death sentence for millions.

Someone you know is fighting Cancer….someone you know is fighting for them.

Please join me by donating to the only organization I know, where every penny of your donation goes directly to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and its world changing research.

 Beating it!   Riding again! Send money!

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Last year, 100% of rider-raised revenue went directly to the Jimmy Fund.

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My Paceline Supporters

Diane St. onge Keep fighting the fight!
John Crotty $100
Mary Jane Anthony $100 So proud of you Pam. You are so generous and such a survivor.
Patricia Colanton $25
Douglas Hazen $550 Tried to do this anonymously last year but you knew from the note. So here is to your continued dedication to this great cause and to your recovery in the coming year. May you prosper in all ways.
Susan Gooley Driscoll $100
Patricia Dodge You go, girl! Happy to help you reach your goal! It's such a wonderful charity and helps so many! GOOD LUCK!!
Dallas Elrod I pray one day cancer never takes a loved one from us ever again. I miss you Lily - as much as I am grateful for my life - I miss you. Aunt Pam, I thank heavens you're here. I love you beyond words.
James Fairman
Angela Mcduff $100 Pam, I am so proud of your commitment to this amazing cause. In memory of Marcia and in honor of Pam's speedy recovery I donate to the PMC! With Love Angela xoxo
Joanne Cormier
Davina Zamagni $100 Pam, Your commitment to the cause is inspiring as is your determination in dealing with your latest challenge! Best ~Davina
Stephen & Jeanne Sacco $100 Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'll look for you at the finish line this year and back on your bike next year!
Shauna Mercier I wish I could give more, hopefully next year. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I am truly blessed to have met such a strong woman. Thank you for all that you do.
$100 Best of Luck!
Antonio Costa
Laurie Bienefeld $100
Roberta Mccollum $100
Edward Blake
Candice Dorobiala Be like Pam - Be Unstoppable!
Jessica Jennings Maybe I will do the 80 with you next year Pam :)
Katherine Brown $50 Thank you for all your efforts and pesonal sacrifices to bring awareness and funding to the fight against cancer. May all the riders be safe and strong!
Patricia Colanton $100
Jessica Berry
Linda Behan
Barbara Johnson $25
Greg Woodsum
Donna Beck $50 Great job Pam!!
Jack York $100
Allen Amaral $100 Good luck with the ride!
Ellen O'Gorman Ride Sally (I mean Pam) Ride
Michael Griffin $100
Ken Cullerot Thank you and good luck Pam!
Donna Babineau $25
Les & Kris Cavicchi $100 You're amazing, Pam! We miss you so much - need to figure out a way to get together. Be safe on the road..... Les & The Bride
Neil Tockman Pam, thanks for always be there for all of us.. :-).. Happy Training..
Candice Dorobiala Thank you for your continued dedication to this important cause.
Monica Labrecque $100
Linda Clegg
Francis Mcguire $100 Thank you Pam!! good luck on the ride. you are a trooper and an inspiration to us all. Please carry my Dad's ribbon..
Hugh Devine $100 We are in your corner Pam. Hugh & Cheri Devine

My Rides

2015 $7,592.25 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2014 $7,700 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2013 $5,000 Wellesley to Wellesley (50 mile Sunday)
2012 $3,330 Wellesley to Patriot Place (25 mile Sunday)
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