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Most of us will live through the pain of losing a loved one to cancer.  This pain will never go away. This pain stays forever.  

Let’s help others never know this pain. Ride with me to defeat cancer.  

Sponsoring a mile goes a long way.  A mile might be worth a dollar or a hundred dollars.  Help me to cycle an extra mile for this year’s 34th annual Pan Mass Challenge.

We are all closer by the mile.   I appreciate each mile you sponsor. No contribution is too small as you and I ride together to rid the world of cancer.  

Thank you, from the people who will never suffer from cancer. Thank you, from the people who will never lose a loved one to this disease.  And thank you, from me.


Why I ride:

Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) is an eruption of life, energy and passion.  Over 8,000 participants gather with the common dream: A world without cancer. 

I assisted with registration and photographic documentation my first year. I knew that’d be my last year along the sidelines.  Soon after year one, I bought a bike and began training so I could ride 192 miles from Sturbridge to P-Town, MA by year two.   As I prepare for my third year, there's no turning back!

On August 3rd 2013 over 5,500 survivors, patients, friends and family will rise before the sun.  We'll clip into our pedals and ride 200 miles in search of a cure.  Tough terrain, annoying drizzle and draining heat won’t stop us.   We will find our energy through joyful thoughts of the lives we have changed.  We will draw strength from the lives we know we will change.  We will push forward in memory of those we were too late to help.

You can't steer clear of cancer's claws.  I'm able to fill both hands with friends and family members who have fallen victim to this monster.  My first experience was with Grandma Dorrise -- the epitome of a successful, independent woman and the subject of all my grade school "Role Model" essays. Two words changed this: Lung Cancer.  Her fiery personality and love for life pushed her through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation but following a five-year fight, her fire began to fade as cancer consumed her.  On January 27th, 2001, at 7:08 AM, I was awoken by my mother’s face distorted with agony and distress... I rushed downstairs to my grandmother's bedroom.  After years of suffering, Grandma Dorrise's body laid empty.  

Wouldn't it be nice if our children and grandchildren never knew these pains?

My cousin Jared battled a heroic fight against brain and spinal cord cancer for two and a half years. In 2005 while still young with so much life ahead of him, he lost the fight. In his honor, the Jared Branfman Sunflowers for Life Fund for Pediatric Brain and Spinal Cancer Research was established to support the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass.

Jared was an avid cyclist, and I will be riding with Team Kermit in his memory. 

2012 was a banner year for Team Kermit. For the second year in a row we reached the Team Heavy Hitter Milestone raising almost $300,000 of the $37,000,000 raised in PMC. Every cent of this went to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Not a single penny went to fundraising or event costs. This is the way of the PMC. 

100% of the rider-raised revenue goes directly to support the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Let's make 2013 our strongest year! Every dollar counts.  Every dollar will make a difference.   

Will you help to rid the world of cancer?  Ride with me.


Total Raised





Last year, 100% of rider-raised revenue went directly to the Jimmy Fund.

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My Rides

2013 $3,632.78 Wellesley to Wellesley (2-Day)
2012 $4,450.01 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2011 $0
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