Team Erica's Entourage's Ride

Erica's Entourage 2015 Story and Ride

Erica's Entourage, named in honor of Erica Kaitz, will be riding as a team in the PMC for the third time in 2015.  We have, collectively, raised over $4 Million Dollars for sarcoma research.  As the work we enabled in sarcoma epigenetics progresses in a promising way at The Bradner Lab at DFCI, we will be turning our focus away from sarcoma towards brain and pancreatic cancers.  We will be riding this year to support the research of two DFCI physicians treating two of our own, Nicole Kaitz and Donny Wexler.  Our funds raised will go towards promising research in immunotherapy for brain tumors led by Dr. David Reardon (who will be riding on our team), Nicole's neuro-onclogist, and pancreatic cancer research being conducted by Dr. Brian Wolpin, Donny's oncologist.  Both Nikki and Donny are original team members who have been diagnosed with their cancers since we formed our team in 2013.  We know Erica would have wanted us to do all we can to move research forward to help to empower Nikki and Donny, as she was empowered by our efforts and support.  Please help us meet our team goal of $1,000,000.00 and the PMC meet its goal of $45,000,000.00!

We thank you for your generous support!  Please click on any of our riders or the team link below to make a gift.

Judy Adler, Barbara Epstein, Todd Langton and Alan Starr, Co-Captains, and the Kaitz Family

Team Members

Judy Adler $17,934
Mickey Ahearn $8,132
Mary Akerson $4,609.52
Mark Armstrong $4,790
Patricia Berenson $9,200
Wil Carroll $7,340
Amanda Chase $11,308
Jon Chase $37,370
Matt Chase $8,312
Judy Close $7,397.25
Chris Coffey $4,500
Steve Cohan $15,060
Anya Cohen $4,361.45
Jared Cohen $4,500
Laura Cohen $4,420
Steve Cohen $12,417
Bill Cress $4,000
Whitney Crooks $4,572
Robert D'Angelo $25,000
Alan Dana $6,048
Laura Davis $15,245
Caren Deardorf $19,226.24
Daniel Deardorf $8,059.5
Charlie DeMarco $12,025.25
Gary Duncan $10,650
Barbara Epstein $15,446.21
Dan Epstein $6,700
Jake Epstein $6,700
Team Erica's Entourage $0
Dino Farina $4,500
Billy Feinberg $5,000
Lindsay Firestone $4,522
Daniel Fradkin $0
Keith Gilbert $22,968
Richard Glanz $4,500
Howie Gray $27,658.41
Susan Greene-Hellman $4,500
Chip Greer $9,125
Rena Gyftopoulos $4,065
Daniel Herman $4,572
Samantha Higer $4,760.15
Emil Hoogendoorn $5,820
Alyssa Kaitz $5,610
Nikki Kaitz $3,630
Rick Kaitz $36,625
Michael Katin $3,864
Bob Kelly $5,565
Vasso Kelly $15,420
Harold Kessler $5,010
Barry Kraft $13,015
Philip Kriger $5,781
Todd Langton $4,725
Ken Lazarus $11,384
Cindy Lehan $4,771.56
Andy Levine $8,850
Neal Levitan $10,882.43
Betsy Lucas $4,523
Doug Lyons $4,005
Charles Martley $4,408
Amy Maurer $4,572
Ted Merritt $13,108.11
Mark Meyer $10,044
Bill Mishkin $5,592
Terri Ogan $10,847
Alexander Packard $7,920
Frank Partsch $7,200
Kacie Pegoraro $6,045.9
David Reardon $45,499.38
Marybeth Reardon $5,200
Lisa Roblin $24,521.42
Peter Roblin $26,321.43
Bob Selby $81,240
Cathy Seligson $4,500
John Shapiro $5,075
Luke Shapiro $4,500
Mary Shapiro $4,670
Rachel Shapiro $4,500
James Shulman $14,243
Ken Shulman $9,100
Mark Simon $8,794
Rena Singer $4,700
Alan Starr $17,712
Andrew Starr $5,364
Jesse Starr $4,575
Kimberly Starr $4,184
Laurie Starr $7,200
Chloe Wexler $11,775
Don Wexler $24,526.38
Faye Wexler $11,320
Michael Wexler $4,500

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2015 $944,732.59
2014 $1,089,987.27
2013 $1,252,056.26
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