Team Erica's Entourage's Ride

Why I Ride ...

The Kaitz family, friends and team captains collectively decided, with Erica's input, to saddle up Erica's Entourage, likely for the final time.  We did not intend on this becoming a memorial PMC team and fund.  That said, we hope we can enhance and accelerate research of all sarcomas and help others achieve better outcomes in the future.  Erica's Entourage is supporting a different initiative this year than last and will be funding a very specific 3 year research project to be undertaken by Dr. Jay Brander's lab at Dana-Farber and Harvard Medical School.  The project is entitled the "Erica's Entourage Sarcoma Epigenome Project".  This project applies broadly to all sarcomas and, hopefully, beyond.  Dr. Bradner is a young, creative scientist (and PMC rider) who is committed to new discoveries and translating those discoveries to therapeutic use by re-purposing existing medications wherever possible.  We are very excited about the project and Rick and Todd are honored to be serving, with a distinguished group of clinicians and scientists, on the Advisory Board for the project.  We thank you for your generous support!  Please click on any of our riders or the team link below to make a gift.

Judy Adler, Barbara Epstein, Todd Langton and Alan Starr, Co-Captains, and the Kaitz Family

Team Members

Judy Adler $7,926
Mickey Ahearn $11,066.69
Mary Akerson $4,770.52
Mark Armstrong $3,910
Susy Ayala $550
Meredith Beaton-Starr $422
Sara Benjamin $1,791
Patricia Berenson $1,250
Michael Berger $5,786
Hannah Berkowitz $0
Richard Berkowitz $200
Wil Carroll $5,000
Yamile Castella $6,031.1
Amanda Chase $9,179
Jonathan Chase $40,130
Matt Chase $7,585
Peter Child $1,000
Chris Coffey $2,246
Steve Cohan $18,325
Anya Cohen $3,452.24
Jared Cohen $4,373.93
Laura Cohen $4,523
Steve Cohen $11,495.07
Bill Cress $4,200
Whitney Crooks $1,348.62
Robert D'Angelo $15,100
Alan Dana $8,309
Laura Davis $330
Noah Davis $0
Caren Deardorf $16,716
Daniel Deardorf $4,345
Charlie DeMarco $12,620
Gary Duncan $10,225
Barbara Epstein $78,203.45
Dan Epstein $3,531
Jake Epstein $3,586
Team Erica's Entourage $50,367
Billy Feinberg $2,000
Daniel Fradkin $8,185
Keith Gilbert $20,447.91
Richard Glanz $3,825
Howie Gray $5,422
Larry Green $26,786.12
Abigail Greene $2,350
Susan Greene-Hellman $5,226
Chip Greer $6,940
Samantha Greer $6,342.25
Rena Gyftopoulos $3,399
Joe Hamilton $2,810
Daniel Herman $4,024.25
Samantha Higer $2,334
Alyssa Kaitz $9,838.81
Nikki Kaitz $2,753
Rick Kaitz $23,885
Michael Katin $4,247
Bob Kelly $5,970
Vasso Kelly $13,010
Harold Kessler $1,542
Peter Kotzen $0
Barry Kraft $9,553
Todd Langton $4,960
David Larsen $3,250
Ken Lazarus $10,598
Cindy Lehan $1,600
Andy Levine $7,800
Neal Levitan $6,981.33
Maggie Loucks $1,200
Betsy Lucas $3,325
Doug Lyons $4,096
Charles Martley $361
Amy Maurer $1,123
Patrice Mccloskey $7,610
Michael Mccormack $2,675
Ted Merritt $10,712.37
Mark Meyer $9,899.62
Bill Mishkin $5,013
Leigh Nali $6,025
Greg Ogan $6,053.56
Terri Ogan $4,570
Kacie Pegoraro $6,149.56
Richard Preira $3,375
Paula Putnam $5,085
Deb Rimpas $3,006.12
Jeff Rimpas $2,711.12
Lisa Roblin $6,909.66
Peter Roblin $7,677.66
Rebecca Roblin $3,341.68
Link Russell $3,606
Joel Samen $3,481.45
Rachel Schapiro $8,500.79
Lisa Schwartz $3,967
Bob Selby $58,183.52
Felice Shapiro $14,055
John Shapiro $5,350
Luke Shapiro $250
Mary Shapiro $6,648
Rachel Shapiro $5,250
James Shulman $8,803.5
Ken Shulman $9,009
Jennifer Silver $5
Robert Smith $150
Alan Starr $13,998
Andrew Starr $3,279.44
Jesse Starr $1,368
Laurie Starr $2,711
Mel Stoler $7,495.14
Chloe Wexler $6,903
Donald Wexler $9,828
Faye Wexler $6,908
jeffrey yurek $2,129

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