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Every year the Pan Mass Challenge is a special ride for me -- but the 2012 ride is particularly meaningful.  

That's because this year I will celebrate a ten year anniversary I never planned on: a decade since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  That may sound like an odd anniversary to celebrate, but I'm incredibly fortunate to mark it cancer-free, one of the lucky survivors who will saddle up again for the annual Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for the Jimmy Fund and cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  

It's amazing the things your eyes are opened to when you get that diagnosis.  You join a special fraternity, and you are blessed with the advice and outpouring of support from so many who have stood in your shoes.  Your eyes are also opened up a little more to the people all around you who have been touched by the disease.  

Since I pedaled the first 111-miles of my first Pan Mass Challenge in 2002, not only did I beat cancer myself, but I've seen family and friends and members of my own staff and their family diagnosed.  Some were lucky, others weren't -- but all faced their challenge with grace, courage, and determination that is inspiring.  It's been a ten year long reminder of an essential truth about this disease: it can strike anyone, regardless of age or race or gender or station in life.  

But it's also been ten years that captured another essential truth: we are making huge strides in the fight against cancer -- breathtaking advances in science, treatment and diagnosis, has brought us closer than ever to what was once unthinkable - that major forms of cancer may be curable within our lifetimes. 

Because this fight is personal to me, and because this year is particularly memorable, I'm asking you to please consider supporting my Pan Mass Challenge ride on August 4th.  I'd appreciate enormously any donation.  This is a fight we can win - together.  

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