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I am riding in memory of my precious daughter Charlotte who battled brain cancer for almost five years of her young life.  Charlotte died of AT/RT brain cancer on December 8th 2010, she was six years old.  When Charlotte was first diagnosed there was barely any treatment for her disease.  Her oncologist Mark Kieran was doing a clinical trial for AT/RT so she went on that chemo protocol.  Charlotte relapsed several times and each time she pioneered a new treatment for this disease.  While we were not able to beat AT/RT we were able to keep her alive for four and a half years since diagnosis.  We also started a fund at the Jimmy Fund with our good friends the Routh's called "Cure AT/RT Now" that was the first AT/RT research fund that we know of anywhere.  Since 2008 we have raised over a million dollars with the help of the PMC and the Jimmy Fund Walk and have been able to fund some very important research projects that hopefully will lead to a cure for this disease.  

Since 2010, when Charlotte joined Team Lick Cancer as their pedal partner, Team Lick has raised over 1.5 million dollars for the Jimmy Fund, 100% of that money has gone towards research.  I joined the team in 2011 and last year we gave the Pediatric Brain Tumor Clinic at Dana Farber a check for $360,000! In 2012, Charlotte's brother James joined the team and he is looking forward to his third PMC this year.

Team Lick Cancer has helped fund several research projects and a clinical trial at Dana Farber that have helped researchers Dr. Charlie Roberts, Dr. Susan Chi and Dr. Mark Kieran understand better the causes of this disease.  They now know that a single gene is responsible for this cancer.  They have also discovered that AT/RT brain cancer is very similar to that of many other more common cancers, (kidney, breast, colon, bladder, skin ovary, pancreas, stomach and lung), in that they share the same genetic lesion. In March of 2013 this fabuous team of researchers will began new clinical trial that we hope will eventually lead us closer to a cure for AT/RT and many other cancers as well, this year another clinical trial is in the works. How amazing is it, that by riding the PMC, an incredibly dedicated group of riders have proved that they can make a difference! Some day, maybe soon, beautiful children like my Charlotte and our dear little friend Avalanna may be able to be cured from this cancer and return to a life with a promising future. 

Charlotte LOVED life even though her life was extremely challenging and involved MANY hospitalizations, constant clinic visits and an incredible amount of bravery.  She was the bravest and most loving person I have ever known and I miss her terribly but will ride the PMC in her honor and memory so that other children do not have to suffer from brain cancer and so other parents do not have to experience the loss of their child. Please support my ride.  I am confident that Charlotte will be pushing me up those hills and getting myself and her brother James this year to Provincetown in August!

Thank you so much for your support!!!!

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Michele & Geordi Borsari $50 So much in awe of what you are doing!!! We will be thinking of you the whole time!
Joanne Holton $37 For your angel, Charolette and in appreciation for my 37 years of teaching! Best of luck and love!
Mary Jean Foster $100
Kathleen Meschisen
Joyce and Rick Kelly
Ellen Palmer Devin $100
Joanna Losty $100 Happy bday to Will and to Charlotte!
Deborah Larsen Thinking of you and your family and especially Charlotte today.
Beth smith $100
Mickey Antonelli $100
Linda Daley In memory of your dearest Charlotte.
Dee Schena $100 Janet,I am so sorry to hear of your heart breaking loss of your precious daughter. As I was reading about your ride,my heart was breaking for you, Jim and your family. Words cannot express my sympathy
Jonathan Biron

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2015 $16,442 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2014 $7,005 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2013 $10,000 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2012 $6,937 Wellesley to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
2011 $15,375.5 Sturbridge to Provincetown Inn (2-Day)
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